As suitable technicians, we have heard of the pumpkin harvesting machine AgroStahl Phönix from industry experts. We are thus the new home of the original axial threshing technology and make the yellow revolution a revolution in pumpkin technology. Together with our own stands, we stand for competence from the field to the core – harvesting, washing, drying.

Before deleting the company AgroStahl Maschinenfabrik GmbH we have the rights and all rights of the company administration. The centerpiece is the result of more than 5000 hours of design work – the entire digital control and the 3D model of the harvesting machine. The word and figurative mark “AgroStahl – the yellow revolution” and “Phönix Agro Stahl” as well as logos, the website and all photo rights are also in our possession. We even know that we have been designed for the elaborate manufacture of unemployed work constructions based on the latest technical standards. The harvesting technology is entirely personal, the separate washing and drying together with our partner company Milteco GmbH.


As is typical of the region, our attachment to the oil pumpkin was put into our cradle. As farmers and passionate technicians, we can shape the revolution in pumpkin technology ourselves by participating in Ascon3. With our other partners, Alwera AG and Franz Kapaun, we can draw on a broad network in the pumpkin industry.

We – Bernhard Pfeiffer and Franz Matzer – have known each other since we were on duty in 2005 and had previously been work colleagues. As passionate technicians, we can actively help shape pumpkin technology with the Ascon3. Franz Kapaun supports us with his industry knowledge, especially in sales. By using it at the end of 2019, he secured the Phoenix harvester in the home of the Styrian oil pumpkin. As a strong partner, Alwera AG gives us young owners security and start-up support. As a Styrian pumpkin seed company, she is interested in supporting the further development of pumpkin technology. An environmentally friendly harvest is a central point for them, to which the economical Phoenix harvesting machine makes a major contribution.


AgroStahl has done a lot to develop this machine. That shouldn’t have been in vain! That is why we are picking up speed with the takeover of the machine rights and the design data of the revolutionary harvesting machine. Through direct and personal contact, we want to work closely with customers and continuously improve the technology.

The advantages of the AgroStahl Phoenix pumpkin harvesting machine are known to everyone in the industry. Everyone is convinced not only that wear parts no longer have to be replaced with flex and welding equipment, but are simply screwed on. In times of climate change, the economical fuel consumption on the traction unit is also a big plus, while the cleaning performance of over 1000kg dry cores per hour is impressive. We strive to improve these advantages, which is why we seek feedback from our customers in a personal conversation. We will continue the unique customer support with the successful post-harvest checks and the 24-hour harvest hotline.


Ascon3 Maschinenbau GmbH

  • End of 2016: ASCON Maschinenbau GmbH (derived from Agro-Stahl-Constructions) is founded as a service provider in the field of construction and further development for AgroStahl Maschinenfabrik GmbH
  • Beginning of 2017: Takeover of the design data for pumpkin washing and drying systems from SCHIGAN Maschinen und Anlagenbau, with the focus on washing and drying in addition to pumpkin harvesting
  • 2017: Execution of a large-scale project for 1000ha of pumpkin acreage in Serbia with technical elaboration and overall processing for harvesting, washing, drying up to BigBag filling
  • 2018: Market launch of the Aero F1 pumpkin gate valve with 25% more area coverage thanks to a new drive polygon
  • End of 2019: Acquisition of rights from AgroStahl Maschinenfabrik GmbH and thus the new home of the original threshing technology for the pumpkin harvest
  • January 2020: Renaming to Ascon3 and division of the company shares into a quarter each by Bernhard Pfeiffer, Franz Matzer, Franz Kapaun and Alwera AG

Pumpkin harvester Agro-Stahl Phönix

  • 2013-2015: Harald Jäger and Thomas Stiefmaier design the prototype agro-steel AXR 325 with the first axial threshing technique for the pumpkin harvest in Wundschuh, Graz area
  • September 2015: First demonstration of the yellow prototype in front of a large audience at the Styrian Oil Pumpkin Experience Day in Stainz
  • End of 2015: Harald Jäger and Thomas Stiefmaier found AgroStahl Maschinenfabkrik GmbH, where the pioneering concept of the prototype for the “Phoenix AXR 325” harvesting machine is developed
  • August 2016: In the introductory year, 24 Phoenix AXR 325 will be delivered to satisfied customers
  • Early 2017: After Thomas Stiefmaier left AgroStahl Maschinenfabrik, Harald Jäger became the sole owner
  • By 2019: The harvesting machine will be exported to 6 different countries and continuously developed
  • End of 2019: After taking over the rights from AgroStahl Maschinenfabrik, Agro-Stahl Phönix has a new home in Ascon3 Maschinenbau GmbH