Our harvesting technology impresses with …

  • Premium quality – 100% made in Austria
  • best workmanship – independent assembly in our factory in Leitring-Leibnitz
  • Longevity and wear resistance thanks to optimized materials
  • Simple operation and ease of maintenance
  • Best service and spare parts supply around the clock
  • All innovations can be retrofitted in existing machines
  • Constant further development in tune with the times

Pumpkin harvester Ascon3 PHÖNIX

Ascon3 has further developed the pumpkin harvester PHÖNIX – “the yellow revolution” – with extensive optimizations of the unique axial technology into the most powerful series machine. With new setting options, the 2020 series delivers the best result in all harvest conditions and pumpkin varieties and is therefore the absolute all-rounder! At the same time, the machine remains compact and manoeuvrable so that every pumpkin row can be approached quickly. Furthermore, the Ascon3 PHÖNIX impresses when harvesting on slopes and in terrain, where no level adjustment is necessary. Contractors in particular appreciate the low costs in maintenance and operation as well as the roadworthiness of our machine.

Technical specifications

  • Power requirement from 80 ps
  • Weight approx.6,600kg
  • Dimensions approx. 6.2 x 2.55 x 3.4 m
  • working width 4.95m
  • Output up to 1400 kg dry cores per hour

You can also find the Ascon3 PHÖNIX at Landwirt.

Ascon3 AERO pumpkin rake (patented)

Lightweight and powerful in all harvesting conditions! With the patented drive polygon, the Ascon3 AERO promises maximum area coverage – even with heavy weeds. In addition, the slide can be swiveled on both sides in order to meet all requirements and harvest quantities. The biggest plus, however, is the roadworthiness, whereby the short attachment length is impressive.

Technical specifications

  • patented drive polygon with maximum area performance
  • can be swiveled and folded on both sides
  • weight about 1000kg
  • working width 4.95m
  • transport width 2.8m
  • special hydraulic transport folding system with locking

You can also find the Ascon3 AERO at Landwirt.

Pumpkin rake Ascon3 ARION

The ARION is our robust all-rounder. The sturdy design ensures the best ground contour following in heavy vegetation and is equipped for large, powerful tractors. The innovative parallelogram swath former makes it easier to react to different harvest quantities and calms the pumpkins safely in the row. The hydraulic folding mechanism and the short attachment length ensure safe road travel. Contractors swear by our ARION!

Technical specifications

  • Swivel mechanism and swath former on the right
  • weight about 1300kg
  • roller length 4.5m
  • transport width 2.8m
  • special parallelogram swath former

You can also find the Ascon3 ARION at Landwirt.

2-drum pumpkin seed washing system

This car wash is an absolute innovation! Developed and tested over many years at ALWERA in Wollsdorf, it meets the highest demands. The optional 2-drum system separates the coarse fraction from the good product during washing, which makes drying even more efficient. A modern eccentric screw pump for the feeding, efficient water treatment and the high maintenance friendliness reduce the operating and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Our advantages:
– The coarse fraction is separated from the good product during washing
– Industrial quality – all parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel
– saves water – thanks to efficient water treatment
– high maintenance friendliness and easy cleaning thanks to many inspection openings
– very easy to dismantle – drum can be easily removed from the support frame
– Operator platform with comfortable access made of galvanized steel

Technical specifications

  • Drum length 5000mm
  • outer drum diameter 800mm
  • inner drum diameter 500mm
  • high-pressure suction fan with powerful 7.5 kW
  • Output approx. 6000 kg / h

You can also find the Ascon3 pumpkin washing system at Landwirt.

Flat drying system

Constant further development at ALWERA in Wollsdorf has resulted in the optimized air distribution of our stationary and mobile drying systems. It ensures more even drying over the entire surface, and the screw agitator and pusher blade provide the necessary convenience. We also focus on ease of maintenance and ease of use in our drying systems. Thanks to industrial quality, our dryers can also be used for many other products.

– Optimized air distribution resulting in energy-saving operation and uniform drying results
– Easy cleaning thanks to removable perforated metal grids
– Easy to maintain – everything is screwed on and easy to replace
– easy handling
– very stable design
– Industrial quality – can also be used for many other products

Technical specifications

  • dumping height up to 400mm
  • lengths and widths variable according to customer requirements
  • automatic sensors for continuous monitoring optional
  • performance: approx. 10t dry cores / 24h for an area of ​​30m²

You can also find the Ascon3 pumpkin washing system at Landwirt.