As experienced technicians, we took over the pumpkin harvesting machine AgroStahl Phönix with the support of industry experts. We are the new home of the original threshing technology and make the yellow revolution a revolution in pumpkin technology. Together with our partners, we stand for competence from the field to the core – harvesting, washing and drying.

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As is typical of the region, our attachment to the oil pumpkin was put into our cradle. As farmers and passionate technicians, we can shape the revolution in pumpkin technology ourselves by participating in Ascon3. With Alwera AG as our other owner, we can fall back on a broad network in the pumpkin industry.

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AgroStahl has done a great deal to develop this machine. That shouldn’t have been in vain! That is why we are picking up speed with the takeover of the machine rights and the design data of the revolutionary harvesting machine. Through direct and personal contact, we want to work closely with customers and continuously improve the technology.

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100% made in Austria





Ing. Bernhard Pfeiffer
Ing. Bernhard PfeifferCEO, sales, construction
Bernhard has many years of international experience in special machine construction. He wants to bring this experience into the technically complex and challenging pumpkin harvest. As a sideline, he runs a farm in Vasoldsberg.

Bernhard can be reached at +43 664 1944842 .

Franz Matzer
Franz Matzer Technology, assembly, customer service
Franz was involved in the “yellow revolution” from the beginning and built pumpkin harvesting machines for AgroStahl. He is an experienced metal technician, farmer and expert in agricultural machinery. Pumpkin picking has been his passion since childhood.

Franz can be reached at +43 664 1618097 .

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