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Our history

Chronicle of ASCON Maschinenbau GmbH

From founding to market leadership in pumpkin harvesting with the PHÖNIX

Ascon3 Maschinenbau GmbH

Limitless performance in pumpkin harvesting with the world innovation Ascon3 TAURUS - a new concept in pumpkin harvesting.
Launch of the premium pumpkin rake Ascon3 POLYLINER and POLYPLOW with patented polygon roller
Expansion into contract manufacturing with the manufacturing technology division and increased share of in-house production
Occupancy of the new pumpkin technology site in Leitring, taking over the market leadership in pumpkin harvesting
Acquisition of AgroStahl Maschinenfabrik GmbH and the pumpkin harvesting machine PHÖNIX, becoming the new home of the first axial threshing technology for pumpkin harvesting
First project study with a novel drive polygon in the pumpkin rake AERO with 25% more surface performance
Expansion of the product portfolio with innovative pumpkin seed washing and drying systems, and handling a major project for 1000 hectares of pumpkin growing area in Serbia
Establishment of ASCON Maschinenbau GmbH (derived from Agro-Stahl-Constructions) as a service provider in the field of design and development for AgroStahl Maschinenfabrik GmbH

pumpkin harvester Agro-Stahl Phönix

autumn 2021
New technology highlights bring back market leadership, in 2021 PHÖNIX will have a market share of more than 50%
Autumn 2020
Thanks to the new setting options, the Ascon3 PHÖNIX proves to be THE all-rounder in the pumpkin harvest.
Ascon3 develops the PHÖNIX into the most powerful harvesting machine built in series for the Styrian oil pumpkin.
End of 2019
Ascon3 buys the know-how and rights of AgroStahl Maschinenfabrik. Agro-Stahl PHÖNIX has a new home.
Until 2019
The successful harvesting machine will be exported to 6 different countries and will be continuously developed
Beginning of 2017
Thomas Stiefmaier leaves AgroStahl Maschinenfabrik GmbH and sells his shares to Harald Jäger
August 2016
In the launch year, 24 Phönix AXR 325 were delivered to satisfied customers
End of 2015
Harald Jäger and Thomas Stiefmaier found AgroStahl Maschinenfabkrik GmbH, where the future-oriented concept of the prototype for the serial harvesting machine “Phönix AXR 325” is being developed
September 2015
First demonstration of the yellow prototype in front of a large audience at the Styrian Oil Pumpkin Adventure Day in Stainz
Harald Jäger and Thomas Stiefmaier design the prototype Agro-Stahl AXR 325 with the first axial threshing technology for the pumpkin harvest in Wundschuh, Graz area