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Pumpkin harvester


The Yellow Revolution

The all-rounder in pumpkin harvesting

Ascon3 has been the market leader and the dominant player in pumpkin harvesting since 2020 with their flagship machine, the PHÖNIX.

Ascon3 is THE complete provider of technology for the harvest and processing of pumpkin seeds, and has set a new standard in this niche segment. Ascon3’s extensive network and experience make it an absolute expert in the industry,
from variety selection to technology throughout the entire process.

Your premium manufacturer in pumpkin technology

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Technical specifications:

  • Power requirement from 100 PS
    (120 PS recommended)
  • Weight only approx. 6.850kg
  • Dimensions approx. 6,2 x 2,55 x 3,4m
  • working width 4,95m
  • Output up to 1400 kg dry cores per hour
  • Lowest fuel consumption with the pulling device
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Your premium manufacturer in pumpkin technology

We continue to focus on the highest quality and craftsmanship. Harvesting rates of 1400 kg or more of dry seeds per hour continue to impress, especially given the compact design. The cleaning results are also convincing for all harvesting conditions and pumpkin varieties. Longevity and wear resistance are guaranteed through the use of top-quality components from leading manufacturers and optimized materials. All wear parts are bolted and easy to replace.

Fuel consumption and repair costs are reduced by 60-70% compared to rotary drum machines. This ensures the lowest possible harvesting costs!

Constant development

Technical Innovations 2023

Hydraulic Stone Trap Door

Remove stones without dismounting! Hydraulically Swiveling Counter Knife Block in the Crusher

Swivel Console

Easy cleaning of the pumpkin stripper
on the pick-up by swivel console

Highlights 2022

Adjustable pulp cleaning

for best cleaning results

20% increased threshing area

enlarged crusher inlet

and optimized speeds for better throughput

4.2m tank height

Highlights 2021

load-sensing hydraulic system


60% larger stainless steel grain tank,

with a capacity of 2.6m³

Improved service life

through new materials

50% wider pulp distribution

with hydraulic border spreading device

Highlights 2020

New crusher package

with additional counter knives – the best result in all conditions

Reinforced crusher overload protection

Faster unloading


Modified threshing rotor

for changing the concave in less than 2 hours

Proven quality