We are THE full-range supplier of technology for harvesting and processing pumpkin seeds and have set a new standard in this niche segment. As the market leader in the pumpkin harvest, we employ up to 25 people at our locations in southern Styria. During the autumn harvest season, our focus is on service and support for our customers in the fields.

Ascon3 pumpkin technology for the 25th anniversary of the Alwera brand Steirerkraft

As a know-how carrier in the pumpkin industry, we advise on the selection of the variety, through cultivation and soil specification, to technology in the complete cycle. Thanks to our network as part of the Alwera Group, we stand for expertise from the field to the core – harvesting, washing, drying.

Developing farmers for farmers – in our pumpkin technology division, all employees come from agriculture. As a result, ease of use, ease of maintenance and, above all, reliability are the focus of all developments.

For us, the following applies: the harvest season is too short for machinery to stand still!

In the area of ​​harvest, the know-how and rights of AgroStahl Maschinenfabrik GmbH were purchased at the end of 2019. In the meantime we have further developed the pumpkin seed harvesting machine Agro Stahl as Ascon3 PHÖNIX, to become the market leader. We also offer the complete service and spare parts supply for all Agro-Stahl and Ascon3 PHÖNIX pumpkin harvesting machines. Our premium pumpkin scrapers round off the spectrum of harvesting in the field. Proven technology with unique, newly developed elements show the innovation from Ascon3!

Our post-harvest technology has been perfected by professionals over decades. Our pumpkin seed washing and drying systems were developed and tested by the market leader in the pumpkin industry, Alwera AG in Wollsdorf near Gleisdorf. As with all of our products, ease of maintenance and ease of use are our top priorities. All systems are designed in industrial quality and meet the highest demands.

Peter Bauer on the handover of his CNC manufacturing technology company to Ascon3

In addition to pumpkin technology, we have been successfully running Bauer Feinmechanik GmbH as a production technology division since November 2021. With the purchase of our supplier for highly stressed turned and milled parts, we can fall back on over 25 years of know-how in machining and production technology.

We have thus expanded our in-house production in complex areas. Greater flexibility and constant quality are the advantages for our customers. This ensures the quality and reliability of our products!

Contract manufacturing and machine manufacturers – we combine the best in mechanical engineering!

Pumpkin technology location

In our plant in the heart of the pumpkin cultivation in Leitring near Leibnitz in southern Styria, each part is checked by trained specialists from the region and then installed. This ensures the quality of our machines 100%. Our employees are users of our technology themselves and all of them grew up on farms.
Our pumpkin technology location specializes in the assembly and assembly of our high-quality products. In addition to in-house production by our production technology division, we purchase parts from professional manufacturing companies, mainly from our sister company Milteco GmbH and from companies in the southern Styria region (see partners). We guarantee PREMIUM QUALITY 100% made in Austria.


Ing. Bernhard Pfeiffer
Ing. Bernhard PfeifferManagement, contact person for sales
Bernhard can be reached on +43 664 1944842.

Bernhard has many years of international experience in special machine construction. He brings this experience to bear in the technically complex and challenging pumpkin technique. As a sideline, he runs a farm in Vasoldsberg.

Franz Matzer
Franz Matzer Technology, assembly, customer service
Franz can be reached on +43 664 1618097.

Franz was part of the “yellow revolution” from the start and built pumpkin harvesting machines for AgroStahl. He is an experienced metal technician, farmer and expert in agricultural machinery. Pumpkin harvest has been his passion since childhood.

Heinz Holzer
Heinz HolzerMechanical engineering
Florian Haas
Florian HaasMechanical engineering
Stefan Sterf
Stefan SterfMechanical engineering
Daniel Schafzahl
Daniel SchafzahlConstruction
Silvia Jozic
Silvia JozicOffice


Ascon3 Maschinenbau GmbH

  • End of 2016: Foundation of ASCON Maschinenbau GmbH (derived from Agro-Stahl-Constructions) as a service provider in the field of construction and further development for AgroStahl Maschinenfabrik GmbH
  • Beginning of 2017: Takeover of the construction data for pumpkin washing and drying systems from SCHIGAN Maschinen und Anlagenbau, so that the focus is on washing and drying in addition to the pumpkin harvest
  • 2017: Implementation of a major project for 1000 hectares of pumpkin cultivation area in Serbia with technical development and overall processing for harvesting, washing, drying up to filling BigBag
  • 2018: Market launch of the AERO pumpkin pusher with 25% more area coverage thanks to a new type of drive polygon
  • End of 2019: Takeover of the know-how and the rights from AgroStahl Maschinenfabrik GmbH and with the pumpkin harvesting machine PHÖNIX new home of the unique axial threshing technology for the pumpkin harvest
  • January 2020: Renaming to Ascon3 (“3” for harvesting, washing, drying) and division of the company shares to a quarter each to Bernhard Pfeiffer, Franz Matzer, Franz Kapaun and Alwera AG
  • May 2020: After the successful start of the company, Franz Kapaun hands over his shares to Alwera AG
  • July 2020: 10 machines are delivered to satisfied customers in Styria, Lower Austria, Upper Austria and the Ukraine.
  • Autumn 2020: Expansion of the product portfolio with innovative pumpkin seed washing and drying systems
  • August 2021: After 2020, Ascon3 PHÖNIX is again the market leader in the pumpkin seed harvest, already with a market share of more than 50%
  • November 2021: New production technology division and increase in in-house production through the purchase of the supplier “Bauer Feinmechanik GmbH” for CNC parts
  • November 2021: New division of the company shares through the participation of Werner Fruhmann as head of the production technology division

Pumpkin harvester Agro-Stahl Phönix

  • 2013-2015: Harald Jäger and Thomas Stiefmaier design the prototype Agro-Stahl AXR 325 with the first axial threshing technology for the pumpkin harvest in Wundschuh, Graz area
  • September 2015: First demonstration of the yellow prototype in front of a large audience at the Styrian Oil Pumpkin Adventure Day in Stainz
  • End of 2015: Harald Jäger and Thomas Stiefmaier found AgroStahl Maschinenfabkrik GmbH, where the future-oriented concept of the prototype for the serial harvesting machine “Phönix AXR 325” is being developed
  • August 2016: In the launch year, 24 Phönix AXR 325 were delivered to satisfied customers
  • Beginning of 2017: Thomas Stiefmaier leaves AgroStahl Maschinenfabrik GmbH and sells his shares to Harald Jäger
  • Until 2019: The successful harvesting machine will be exported to 6 different countries and will be continuously developed
  • End of 2019: Ascon3 buys the know-how and rights of AgroStahl Maschinenfabrik. Agro-Stahl PHÖNIX has a new home.
  • 2020: Ascon3 develops the PHÖNIX into the most powerful harvesting machine built in series for the Styrian oil pumpkin.
  • Autumn 2020: Thanks to the new setting options, the Ascon3 PHÖNIX proves to be THE all-rounder in the pumpkin harvest.
  • Autumn 2021: New technology highlights bring back market leadership, in 2021 PHÖNIX will have a market share of more than 50%