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Pumpkin harvester

Ascon3 Taurus

The world premiere

Unlimited Performance in pumpkin harvesting

Ascon3 is introducing its world-class pumpkin harvesting innovation to the market! Our proven expertise and top-notch service are now combined with unmatched performance capabilities, taking pumpkin harvesting to a whole new level!

Ascon3 is THE complete provider of technology for the harvest and processing of pumpkin seeds, and has set a new standard in this niche segment. Ascon3’s extensive network and experience make it an absolute expert in the industry,
from variety selection to technology throughout the entire process.

Your premium manufacturer in pumpkin technology

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Technical specifications:

  • Leistungsbedarf ab 250 PS

  • Gewicht am Dreipunkt: ca. 4.350 kg

  • Maße ca. 2,7 x 2,95 x 2,5 m

  • Leistung bis 4000 kg trockene Kerne pro Stunde

  • Front tank with over 3m3 capacity

  • ractor with reversing gear required.

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Your premium manufacturer in pumpkin technology

Highest quality, best service, and 24/7 spare parts supply – all with unlimited harvesting performance! The patented world novelty from Mathias Bangerl from Schärding impresses with 3000 kg of dry seeds per hour. Ascon3 is now bringing this innovation to the market in collaboration with the developer.

The harvesting machine is attached to the three-point hitch, while the grain tank is mounted on the front hydraulic system – a completely new concept. The TAURUS becomes self-propelled thanks to the tractor’s reverse drive system.

Harvesting pumpkins has never been as efficient as with the Ascon3 TAURUS!

Proven quality