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Pumpkin seed

Flat drying system

mobile usable

Developed and tested by professionals in Wollsdorf

Continuous further development at ALWERA in Wollsdorf has resulted in the optimized air distribution of our stationary and mobile drying systems. It ensures more even drying over the entire surface, and the screw agitator and pusher blade provide the necessary convenience. We also focus on ease of maintenance and simple operation in our drying systems. Thanks to industrial quality, our dryers can also be used for many other products.

Your premium manufacturer in pumpkin technology

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Technical specifications:

  • variable dumping height up to 400mm (optionally up to 800mm possible)
  • lengths and widths variable according to customer requirements
  • automatic sensors for continuous monitoring optional
  • performance: approx. 10t dry cores / 24h for an area of ​​30m²

Your premium manufacturer in pumpkin technology